Wednesday, June 15, 2011

You never know.

You never know when you will get a great shot, that is what I learned this week.  We were going for a walk to see some flowers and I looked up and saw our 6yr old dancing in the sunshine watching her shadow.
 I just love it she looks so free and happy.

June 12 2011(2) 002

"Our tennis shoe ballerina."
"Our sunshine dancer."
I couldnt pick one so it has two names.

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  1. That's so sweet and such a great shot. Love the carefree look of it.

  2. This is so beautiful! Love that you caught her on her toe like that.

  3. So cute! Good composition!

  4. I absolutely love the light and her pose! Beautiful shot!

  5. Such a great shot. Lighting is so nice and warm!

  6. This is a terrific lesson to have learned and I'm so thrilled you had your camera there to capture it!! What a precious moment! There is something so magical about a child and their shadow!! I love how carefree she looks in the photo! Thanks for linking up!