Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pink, Pink, Pink, Pink.............BLUE!!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much Matt & Jen for sharing your little guy with me.
I will hold him anytime you need!!
Welcome to the world precious Jachin Wyatt !!!

Jachin Wyatt 10-08-2012  (106)
Psalm 1 is his Daddy's prayer for him!! 
Jachin Wyatt 10-08-2012  (71)
Jachin Wyatt 10-08-2012  (54)
Had to try the truck....he is the first boy after 4 girls!!!!
Jachin Wyatt 10-08-2012  (32)
I just loved how this captured his hair!!
 I did try and comb it down but it had a mind of its own!
Jachin Wyatt 10-08-2012  (24)_edited-1
Love those little baby looks.
He is quite a serious little man though!


Our Kids!!!

9-11-2012 198
Love that little squirt!!!!
9-14-2012 023
campfire fun!!!
9-14-2012 052
Boy's & Fire!!!
9-14-2012 124
9-14-2012 063
So serious!!

Our God is......AWESOME!!!!

9-06-2012  (30)
9-06-2012  (14)
I took this on the way up to the hospital to see my cousin Kyle who was in a terrible car accident. Just thought I would share these with you! If you like it and would like to purchase a print let me know and the proceeds will go to Kyle and his family!!

The Woudwyk Family!

Thanks Kristin & Jacob!
Your kiddos are great and I had a great time doing these for you!

Woudwyk Family 10-08-2012  (18)
Woudwyk Family 10-08-2012  (14)
Such a beautiful family
Woudwyk Family 10-08-2012  (10)
Big bro kisses are always cool, Dude!!!
Woudwyk Family 10-08-2012  (7)
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Woudwyk Family 10-08-2012  (6)
Never to many Smoooooooooooooooooches!!
Woudwyk Family 10-08-2012  (3)
Ella, this is how you smile!!!!
I just love how busy this one is!

Steven's Family

What a great family!
 Had fun even though we were all cold!!
Thanks guys

Stevens Family  (6)
Stevens Family  (10)
Stevens Family  (15)
Stevens Family  (17)
Stevens Family  (23)
Having some shadowy fun!!!

Mr. Isaac - What a sweet little guy!!!

9-19-2012 Isaac Troupe 023_edited-1
Look at those eyes.....they are just so sweet!!
9-19-2012 Isaac Troupe 172
Big sister kisses, who can complain!!!
9-19-2012 Isaac Troupe 157_edited-1
9-19-2012 Isaac Troupe 086
What a heart is melting!!

Some of the fave's from Mr & Mrs. Luke Carlson's wedding!!!!

Just realized that they kissed alot!!!!



Lohman Family

9-01-2012 Lohman Family  (45)
What a beautiful family inside and out!!
9-01-2012 Lohman Family  (79)
Soooooo sweet!!
9-01-2012 Lohman Family  (198)
Having fun on the beach in the rain!!
9-01-2012 Lohman Family  (200)
Love her smile in this one!

Charlie John 2 mths

7-11-12 Charlie John 101
nappin' with his buddy!!!
7-11-12 Charlie John 147
What a brave little guy!!

7-11-12 Charlie John 170
Love this one!

Max & Maddy NB & 3mth

Maddyx & Maxtyn NBH 5-11-2012  (119)
20 tiny toes
Maddyx & Maxtyn NBH 5-11-2012  (53)_edited-1
Love newborn sweetness!!

See how fast they grow......seems even faster if you forget to add there pics to the blog!!
8-09-12 Maddy & Max 3mths 006
Max is chillin' out
8-09-12 Maddy & Max 3mths 051
Miss Maddy looking beautiful!!