About me & why I take pictures.

First I am the daughter of the King of kings and I strive to live for him everyday. Every thing I do from dishes and dirty kids to taking pictures I do to bring praise and glory to the one who created me.

Second I am a wife to a wonderful man who loves the Lord and his family with all his heart.  

Third I get to be Mama to three of the most beautiful girls and one of the coolest boys in the world.

Here is the reason I love to take pictures well one of many.

I have always loved taking pictures and I guess you could say it's in my genes, my Dad was constantly taking pictures he always had a camera in his pocket (not kidding, he loved the Olympus).  He was known for taking pictures of everyone and anything willing or not.
 I know this sounds funny but when I take pictures I feel close to him. I always remember my Dad making people laugh and smile just by being himself he always had a joke or a funny story to tell. He passed away just over a month before my husband and I got married so none of our kids got to meet him. Pictures to me are a way for my kids to meet him along with all the stories and videos I think they know who he was and that he would have loved them very much.   
I know that he is singing praises to Our Heavenly Father. 
I think picture are not just things to put on the wall, in a book, online or on the fridge. I think picture help us remember moments that are gone in a second and we will never get back. When the kids are grown and busy with their own lives we can look back and remember how precious every moment good and bad, happy and sad are because they all add up to who we are today.  I love to look at old photos and try and imagine what was going on outside the picture, what the people in that photo would have been doing the day before or the day after.  They are a way to connect generations, start conversations, and inspire you to live every moment for all it is worth.  

Every moment is a gift from God, yes it is not the pictures that are important but they are what help us to remember how small we are in this world and that we have the God who created all,  love us and has a plan for our lives that will continue to amaze us.